About Blåsemafian
About Blåsemafian
About Blåsemafian
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About Naomi
Blasemafian is a Norwegian brass house artist that combines traditional brass music with contemporary pop and EDM.

Blasemafian is known for their engaging live performances, infectious energy, and they are considered one of the most exciting acts in contemporary brass music.

Blasemafian amassed over 3 million streams on Spotify alone during their first year of releases. They have toured extensively throughout Norway, Europe and the US. As top 4 during the national selection of Eurovision Song Contest 2021, Blasemafian proved themselves as an important and popular instrumental artist.

Blasemafian has been a part of nominations for several awards, including the Spellemannprisen (Norwegian Grammy), among others.
est. 2021
Blåsemafian is participating in the Norwegian finals in the Eurovision Song Contest 2021 with their song "Let Loose" feat. Hazel. Blåsemafian is one of the most renowned sections in Scandinavia, famous for backing a large variety of artists such as Marcus & Martinus, Madcon, Cezinando and Klovner i Kamp in addition to regularly featuring on a wide range of Tv-shows.
Blåsemafian & Hazel have qualified from the first semi-final of Melodi Grand Prix 2021 this evening in Norway.Blåsemafian & Hazel have secured their place in the Grand Final of Melodi Grand Prix 2021 which will take place on February 20.
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What is your most epic moment on stage?
Surely, finishing in the top 3 of the Norwegian final of Eurovision 2021 was the very pinnacle of our career. It was such a great experience for us to be pioneers as instrumental artists in Eurovision, and to witness the extent and the success of the Let Loose Movement.
How Blåsemafian started?
Blåsemafian started out backing a large variety of artists and performing on numerous TV shows, but we always felt like we had more to offer. So we asked ourselves: We can´t the horn section become the artist? From there, we started making songs of our own, hosting our own shows, and the rest is history.
What is Blåsemafian´s main goal?
Blåsemafian´s goal has always been, and will always be, to inspire and motivate young musicians. Encouraging them to step out of their comfort zone, challenging the traditional instrumental roles, and showing them that there are no limits remains our greatest pleasure.
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